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Surf Ratz stickers pack


A great set of 4 Surf-Ratz stickers.
Great stickers for your skateboards, laptop, files, desk and…. anywhere else that works for you !
Set includes:
1 x landscape Curtis surfing sticker,
1 x RatHead logo sticker,
1 x Surf Ratz words logo sticker,
1 x black portrait Curtis surfing sticker.

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This is a set of 4 great Surf Ratz stickers.
These surf stickers will look great on your skateboard, laptop, files, folders, desk and…. anywhere else that works for you !
Add surf stickers to your personal things to define your identity, whenever you are able to.

Show the world the stuff you’re interested in, and that includes surfing rodents, obviously.
Demonstrate that you have excellent taste in cool surf type things, and that you like stickers !
These stickers feature some seriously cool graphics, so, when opportunity arises, place them strategically to inspire your day.

The 4 stickers in this set are:
A landscape Curtis surfing sticker, in full colour, with Curtis surfing across the sticker.
The RatHead logo sticker,in black and white, showing Curtis’ delightful rodent features !
The Surf Ratz words logo sticker, in black and white.
A portrait image of Curtis, surfing straight at you, in full colour.
These stickers will make you feel good about all things sticky, so why not get some, stick some, and smile !

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