Welcome to Rat Island, Home of The Surf Ratz!

Welcome to the world of the Surf-Ratz - a gnarly bunch of sick surf dudes - rodent refugees who've found their home here on Rat Island.
Here you can find a whole world of rad Surf Ratz merchandise to ensure you are the coolest surfers on the beach! Choose from our range of rash guards, awesome t-shirts, surfboards, wax and more!

So pick out your new gear and chill out. Whilst you wait for it to arrive, sit back and get to know all about us and our story through the comics. Get competitive and download the official Surf Ratz game - will you get the new high score?

Up For A Challenge?

NEW: Download and play Surf-Ratz: The Game!

Free to download, with no in-app purchases so more money to spend on gnarly surf wear!
Tweet your highscores to Curtis - PRIZES up for grabs for the best scores!